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  • New study says black tea linked to cardiovascular health

    While black tea is a very popular beverage, it usually doesn't get the media attention of green tea when it comes to possible health benefits. However, according to a recent report, two cups of black tea per day for eight days may help lower blood pressure for people with elevated levels. The study published in Nutrients, by researchers [...]
  • Strawberry White Tea Smoothie

    Are you looking for a replacement for a carb-heavy breakfast that you can grab quickly before leaving for work in the morning. Enjoy this delicious antioxidant packed smoothie that both fills you up and provides a decent energy boost. It has enough simple sugars to wake you up, and protein and fiber to sustain you [...]
  • White Tea – A True Fountain of Youth

    Scientists estimate that every cell in our body is hit by free radicals 10,000 times daily! What can you do to protect yourself from this daily assault? The answer is simple – consume foods and beverages that contain high amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect at the cellular level by neutralizing free radicals. White tea is loaded [...]
  • Did you know Black Tea gives you fresh breath?

    Plaque causes bad breath, among other dental problems. Black Tea is full of polyphenols that stop plaque from building up on your teeth.   Studies have found polyphenols reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth which keeps your breath smelling nice. Studies also show that polysaccharides in black tea have glucose-inhibiting properties – which help prevent [...]
  • Green Tea – a Primer

    Ah, green tea. The media darling of the tea world, which boasts numerous health benefits, and has a certain mystique about it for those people who routinely get their tea fix by dunking a teabag in a cup of warm water. Green tea is even appearing in soft drinks, with manufacturers hoping to capitalize on [...]
  • Caffeine-Free Teas

    Caffeine-free teas are a sensible choice for a health-conscious lifestyle. Even though classic teas are high in antioxidants, sometimes the caffeine content just isn’t acceptable for some people. Fear not, intrepid tea-drinker! There are lots of options that provide a soothing, relaxing drink without the side effects of caffeine, and you don’t have to settle [...]
  • Tea - Wonderful in White

    It’s curious that we start with a green leaf and end up with “white tea”, but that is exactly the name that we give to the slightly-oxidized, lightly-processed tea product. Where does this odd name come from? Read on! Whither white? The “white” name comes not from the color of the leaf, as one may suppose, but [...]
  • Ready for Rooibos Tea

    When is a tea not a tea? When it’s rooibos, of course. Although most other blends of ingredients that are not derived from the tea plant are lumped together under “herbal teas” or “tisanes”, rooibos deserves a category of its own. Unlike tea and coffee, which are grown worldwide, rooibos is grown only in a small [...]
  • Beneficial Black Tea

    Black tea (or red tea, as it is known in most of China) is the most commonly consumed tea in North America. In 2010, Americans consumed almost 3 billion gallons of tea, most of it black. Black tea is commonly consumed by people who also drink coffee, due to the fact that black tea has [...]
  • Pu-erh Tea – Potent and Popular

    If you are a connoisseur of wine, then you will immediately understand the allure and fervor of Pu-erh, also known as Pu’er, tea. Pu-erh is not so much a type of tea as it is a method of processing and aging the tea, in order to develop the flavor and color of the final tea [...]
  • Beautiful Blooming Teas

    Flowering tea, or blooming tea, is unique in that it is more a style of preparing the tea leaves, than a specific type of tea. It’s quite a novelty to see the tea flower take shape in your cup as the water is slowly absorbed by the leaves. It adds a whole new dimension to [...]
  • Yerba Mate - More Social than a Coffee Date

    Even though the Far Eastern cultures of China and Japan may have created some of the most elaborate tea ceremonies in the world, we think that the South American preparation of yerba mate comes in at a close second. Tea is a social drink, to be sure, but the gauchos of mate-drinking regions take it [...]