White Tea – A True Fountain of Youth

Art of Happiness - White Tea - Koni TeaScientists estimate that every cell in our body is hit by free radicals 10,000 times daily! What can you do to protect yourself from this daily assault? The answer is simple – consume foods and beverages that contain high amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect at the cellular level by neutralizing free radicals.

White tea is loaded with antioxidants. Because white tea is so high in antioxidants there are many health benefits attributed to consuming white tea. The list of health benefits from consumption of white tea is impressive. Even better - numerous studies have confirmed the impressive health benefits of white tea.

Most diseases and aging are directly related to high levels of inflammation within the body. White tea acts as an anti-inflammatory agent therefore halting the progression of many diseases and aging. White tea helps to prevent the skin from wrinkling by protecting the proteins collagen and elastin … and has even been shown to protect the skin (and possibly reverse damage) from over exposure to UV light. For maximum health benefits consume two to four cups of a high quality, loose-leaf white tea daily. Bagged tea works also but is typically lower in quality as it comes from the bottom of the barrel.

Koni Tea has five great white teas packed with antioxidants try out:

If you prefer green tea or rooibos, here is our suggestion for getting your daily fix of antioxidants:

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