About Us

Passion gives us the drive and determination to persevere, create, and love. Koni is the Hawaiian word for passion, and is the perfect representation of our philosophy on life. We have taken our Koni and infused it into our business to provide you the world's best premium loose leaf tea.

Drawing extensive tea knowledge from several other tea masters from around the world, Koni Tea is the culmination of the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. The modern interpretation of tea lifestyles has influenced millions of people to rethink their drink and has removed the barrier of entry for those new to loose leaf tea.

Koni Tea's mission is to provide the highest quality premium loose leaf tea blends on the market and to educate our customers of their health benefits. Every blend is personally created by a teamaster and is exclusively available through Koni Tea.

Koni Tea has been featured in or received awards from the following prestigious organizations and publications: