Slimming Teas Set
Slimming Teas Set
Slimming Teas Set
Slimming Teas Set
Slimming Teas Set
Slimming Teas Set

Slimming Teas Set

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Each of these four premium Koni Teas can help you lose weight and stay healthy. Here is how each of them are weight loss teas:

Simply Slim

(2oz regularly $14.99 - SAVE $4.50)

Polyphenols found in Black and Oolong tea work as a fat destroying enzye. The compound helps destroy fat and boost your metabolism. The polyphenols also help defy aging by battling free radicals - unstable forms of oxygen that damage cell function. Learn more about Simply Slim

Caramel Slender

(2oz regularly $9.99 - SAVE $4.50)

Named the miracle tonic, recent studies indicate that pu-erh has powerful cholesterol lowering effects, blood cleansing properties and aid significantly in weight loss efforts. By helping digestion (particularly of fatty foods), Pu-erh is the perfect tea after a heavy meal. Learn more about Caramel Slender

Slim It Sencha

(1.5oz regularly $9.99 - SAVE $6.50)

Green tea is particularly rich in a type of polyphenol called catechins. These substances have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties, but recent research in animals show that catechins may also decrease fat absorption, increase fat excretion, suppress appetite, and decrease cholesterol levels. Learn more about Slim It Sencha

Slimming Goddess

(1oz regularly $9.99 - SAVE $4.50)

Known in China as the 'Slimming Tea', cravings are satisfied with this vintage Ti Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy tea. The abundance of polyphenols found in oolong tea is effective in controlling obesity. They help activate thermogenesis which increases fat oxidation in the body. Full bodied and smooth, Koni Tea's superior oolong tea produces a luxurious cup without any added calories. Learn more about Slimming Goddess