Did you know that green tea may help to lower your risk of cancer?

EGCG in green tea regulates and inhibits cancer growth by killing cells that are growing erratically. In Japan, a study of 500 women with Stage I and Stage II breast cancer found that increasing their green tea consumption before and after surgery significantly lowered the risk of recurrence. Another analysis of 22 studies of the correlation between green tea and lung cancer concluded that by increasing your intake of green tea by two cups a day may reduce the risk of developing lung cancer by 18%.

Empower your immune system with a daily dose of loose leaf green tea. Catechins, the antioxidant polyphenol, have been shown to have a major impact on your immune system. Research revealed that theanine, found in green tea, boosted our innate immunity. Stay healthy and make sure you have a few cups of Koni green tea every day!

Drinking green tea every day will help you stay young and beautiful while improving your skin. If you're trying to look your best without going under the knife, Koni tea is your secret ingredient. Koni's premium leaves are packed with phytonutrients, members of the antioxidant family, that gobble up "free radicals" -- oxygen molecules that play a role in the onset of illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's disease. As we age, we become more susceptible to the long-term effects of oxidative stress (a condition where the body basically has too many free radicals) and inflammation on the cellular level. The theory is that green tea's antioxidants help cells ward off damage from free radicals and minimize the impact of aging. 

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